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10 Ways to make money online without a website

If you are looking for 10 ways to generate an income or side hussle online without needing to set up a website or run a blog, this article will share some ways to do that.

  1. YouTube channel – You can link a youtube channel to an adsense account or google partner network after 1000 subscribers and 40,000 watch hours or ask for donations from your audience through in channel subscriptions or Patreon
  2. Upwork, Fiverr, or Independent contractor websites – if you have certain skills that are in demand online such as graphic design, programming or writing, you can offer your services on websites such as these and be paid one time fees for certain assignments.
  3. Amazon Merch – Design t-shirts and sell them on the Amazon shopping platform. No brand or website required, plus you are tapping into all the buyers on Amazon.
  4. Amazon Kindle publishing – Same as above, sell ebooks, novels, non-fiction or children’s books on the Amazon Kindle platform.
  5. Etsy – Sell handcrafted goods, vintage collectibles, or crafting supplies through this marketplace.
  6.  Ebay – Sell your own used goods that you no longer need or want. Source items from thrift stores, flea markets or garage sales to resell.
  7. Poshmark – Use the app to clean out your closet of old clothes. Better for high end brands in good condition.
  8. Facebook marketplace local groups. Similar to eBay, a good way to resell large items and furniture locally that you do not want to ship.
  9. Robinhood stock market app to try your hand at stock buying and selling.
  10. Print on demand stand alone sites like zazzle are free to use and upload designs. The commission per sale can be low.

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