Is it profitable to sell books on eBay in 2024

ebay consignment

I love going to library book sales, there are great deals to be had on practically new books and I’m also supporting my local library in the process. At the last sale I decided to pick up some books to […] more

Selling Vintage Jewelry on Etsy

Tips and tricks for the best way to sell vintage jewelry on the Etsy marketplace. Photographing Jewelry The best way to photograph jewelry is to use natural light or a light box to illuminate the pieces, a tripod to keep […] more

Cat Income $62,355 in 2022 on Instagram

There are many cat Instagram accounts that are run by their owners and feature the cats as the main subjects. These accounts often have a large number of followers and can be considered “influencer” accounts because they have the ability […] more

Make YouTube Videos without Showing your Face

Want to start a YouTube channel, but have stage fright or a face that doesn’t lend itself well to video format. You can still have a flourishing monetized YouTube account and here’s how. There are many types of YouTube videos […] more

Increase Sales in 2023

As we look ahead to the new year 2023, there are many ways to increase sales in the new year. Here are a few strategies you might consider: more

Designing Your Website

There are many possible sections that a business website may include, depending on the needs and goals of the business. Some common sections that you might find on a business website include: Download your own digital website UI kit and […] more

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