Selling Low Cost Items on eBay Profit Calculation

I wanted to find out if it was possible to make any profit selling low cost items on eBay, so I listed an item that I sourced in bulk for about $0.20 cents total after all costs and sold it […] more

Amazon FBA vs. Etsy Fee Comparison

If you are looking to sell your products online, you may want to compare the fees at two different online selling venues. Amazon FBA is often cited as having high costs to sell. But you are also paying for access […] more

NET Profit of a $0.99 Digital Download sale on Etsy after Fee Increase

In 2018 Etsy raised fees on the sale of items including digital download sales for the first time in many years. The fees went up to 5% plus the normal payment processing and listing fees still apply to sales. I […] more


HVAC Service Date Free Printable

Want to keep track of the service dates of your heater and air conditioner? You can use this free printable HVAC service date sheet to record the last time you had your system serviced and replaced the filter. Having a […] more


Printable Sign – No Public Restrooms

Your local government may have rules and regulations when starting a brick and mortar business. You may need to post signs in the building to be up to certain codes. One that I have run into is needed to post […] more

Things to do when setting up WordPress

Things to do when setting up Wordpress

If you are starting a blog on your own website host and installing wordpress for the first time, these are the things to do when you install wordpress and log in for the first time to set up your new […] more

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