100 Workplace Safety Tips and Free Printable List

work safety tips

It is important to consider workplace safety. These tips can be used as topics to discuss at your next safety meeting. Increasing safety awareness is extremely important regardless of your industry. From office workers to construction crews, there are general […] more

Utilize Space Correctly


Make sure you are properly utilizing your office space. Time equals money, but so does space. Rent is often one of your largest monthly expenses unrelated to cost of goods sold or employees. You can save hundreds or even thousands […] more

Task List Template


A free printable weekly task list template that you can use to keep track of office or personal duties for the entire week. Use it to keep track of anything that you have to do with check boxes for Monday […] more

How to do Etsy Bookkeeping for your Shop


It’s tax time again, if you run an Etsy Shop, you may be struggling with how to do your bookkeeping. Here are instructions on how to download the file with all your sales data from Etsy and also a brief […] more

Best Ergonomic Keyboard

best ergonomic keyboard

Anyone who uses the computer more than 8 hours per day for home or business should invest in an ergonomic keyboard. The long term benefit of saving yourself wrist paint, plus reducing the chance of developing carpel tunnel syndrome will […] more

How to make money writing online

online writing

You can really write about almost anything and use it to make money online, but it’s best if you write about things that you are actually interested in because then the articles feel more authentic. However, you can research a […] more

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