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Changes to eBay in 2022

A look at the changes and improvements made to eBay in 2022. The first change was a switch to the new listing manager. It now has a more mobile look and removed a lot of the fields for typing. Items are supposed to be selected with a mouse click. This makes the desktop version of eBay look more like the app. Certain options are hidden and you need to click the “See all options” button in each section to find the hidden options.

More listing photos and video

You can now add up to 24 photos to your listings included standard. This is a welcome bonus to those selling detailed collectibles or items that you want to show from every angle. It can help buyers see clearly the condition of items that you are selling. Video was also added new in 2022.

Marketing and Promotions

Advanced AD campaign called “AdvancedBETA” using a pay per click model to get to the top of search results. The strongest point in favor of the regular promoted listings was you were not charged unless the ad click generated a sale. You weren’t throwing money away on clicks that may be competitors doing research or shoppers browsing. With a pay per click you can rack up the pennies quickly without resulting in sales.

2 Year History

Terapeak sold History is now viewable for 2 years. Also your order history can be searched for up to 2 years to copy a similar item that you have previously sold.

Promoted Listings Minimum percent changed to 2%

Another change to the advertising system on eBay in 2022 was that the minimum to run a promotion on an item went from 1% to 2%. All campaigns at 1% will no longer be visible.

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