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Make YouTube Videos without Showing your Face

Want to start a YouTube channel, but have stage fright or a face that doesn’t lend itself well to video format. You can still have a flourishing monetized YouTube account and here’s how.

There are many types of YouTube videos that you can make without showing your face in the wealth, happiness, and fitness niches. Some ideas might include:

  • Wealth:
    • Educational videos on financial topics, such as investing, budgeting, or starting a business
    • Animations or infographics explaining financial concepts or strategies
    • Interviews with financial experts or successful entrepreneurs
    • Product reviews or comparisons for financial products or services
  • Happiness:
    • Meditation or mindfulness exercises
    • Music or nature videos to relax and unwind
    • DIY or craft tutorials
    • “Day in the life” or vlog-style videos showcasing a positive, happy lifestyle
  • Fitness:
    • Exercise demonstrations or workouts that don’t require a face to be shown
    • Nutritional advice or meal prep ideas
    • Product reviews or comparisons for fitness equipment or supplements
    • “Before and after” transformation videos
    • Motivational or inspirational videos to help people stay motivated with their fitness goals

Slideshow videos can be a great way to create educational content on YouTube. Some ideas for tutorial and course videos using slideshows might include:

  • Tutorials on specific software or technology tools
  • Overviews of complex topics, such as historical events or scientific concepts
  • Step-by-step guides to completing a task or project
  • Courses on a specific skill or subject, such as language learning or photography

To create a slideshow video, you can use a presentation software such as PowerPoint or Google Slides. You can then record the slideshow while narrating the content, or use screen recording software to capture the slideshow and your voice as you present the material.

Slideshow videos can be a good way to break up complex topics into smaller, more manageable chunks, and can be helpful for visual learners who prefer to see images or diagrams alongside the explanations.

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