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Business Ideas for Pet Lovers

business ideas for pet lovers

If you want to turn your love of animals into a small business, here are some ideas for getting started:

1. Pet Grooming Service – Brush, Comb, wash, clean, manicure or trim nails for pets. Be your own pet beauty salon. May require special training or license to practice in some states. Can also set up a mobile service in a large van for house calls.

2. Pet Sitting – Take care of pets when their owners are away on vacation or business. You could create a doggie daycare in your home.

3. Pet Walking – Walk dogs with busy parents. This is a better idea for big cities where people live in apartments and do not have a back yard where they can let their pets out easily. A person can walk multiple dogs at once. Or take animals to dog parks and let them play in the open space.

4. Pet Photography – Offer custom pet portraits. You could get a simple backdrop and lighting setup and do this inside people’s homes. Or outdoors at parks with nature scenes as the backdrop. Market your services at local pet stores where you could set up in their store. Take the photos for free and only charge for prints. Great around the holidays and Christmas.

5. Organic or home made pet food – Sell home made dog or cat food using natural or organic ingredients. I’ve seen shops like this do well at local farmer’s markets. There is a growing demand by pet owners for nutritious and natural food for their animals. You will need to test your recipes and be certain to label the food carefully with ingredients just like “people food.”


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