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Buy used office furniture to save on start up costs

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Search for used or sometimes even free office furniture from Craigslist

When setting up an office, do not blow your budget on brand new office furniture. Aim to keep your initial start up costs as low as possible. You can always upgrade your furnishings later when you have a profitable business and there are much more important things to spend money on when you are just getting started.

You can get lightly used furniture for extremely low prices if you keep an eye out on Craigslist. Just make sure that you meet with the seller and check out the furniture in person before you agree to buy anything. Sometimes pictures can be deceiving, and you do not want to get tricked into buying something that is falling apart. If your business is still in the planning stages, start checking Craigslist daily for free or low cost office furniture. You can also post wanted ads to search for specific items. Store chairs and desks in your basement or garage until business begins. Never turn down sturdy, good condition, wooden pieces even if they look old fashioned. Old furniture can be renewed with a fresh coat of paint.

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