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Free Printable To Do List

free printable to do list

Stay organized with this free printable to do list. Having a daily to do list is critical for accomplishing tasks throughout the day. It can help you to write down your day-to-day tasks. The simple check list format will allow you to feel motivated to complete tasks when you get to mark a finished task as done. It is a good reminder of what you need to get done during any given day.

Using a To-Do lists will help you to:

Identify and plan your activities for the day.

Narrow focus and stay on task.

Help to manage productivity.

Set goals.

Stay motivated.

Complete projects.

Using a schedule like this is one of my business success tips because it is a well documented productivity tool in order to gauge your progress, manage your time effectively and determine how well you are at getting things done.

to do list template

This high resolution PDF can be downloaded and printed to fit standard 8.5×11 paper. This free printable comes in three colors and can be printed onto single sheet of letter sized paper to create three per page. You can then cut each list apart to use one per day, or assign different categories to each list on the page, such as one for work and one for home. Bold and professional design.


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