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Switch to a paperless office

paperless office

Less clutter, waste and storage space needed when your small business makes the switch to a paperless office.

Reduce printing, paper and storage costs by saving documents digitally. This is a helpful solution for documents such as invoices, which you need to keep for tax records, but that you do not refer back to very often. Think about the time it takes for you to get up from your desk, go to a file cabinet and root around in the drawer to find one paper among thousands. Now consider how quickly you can find a file stored on your computer’s hard drive. In a matter of seconds, when you have a proper file structure set up, you should be able to find a file on your computer. You may be concerned that you will lose records if you switch to a paperless office. This can be avoided by using proper organization techniques. Organize folders into sub folders by date, client, location, or anything that makes sense for your business. Even if you have to click several files deep, it is better to over organize files on a computer. Name files with obvious keywords or use tags to describe files so you can use your computer’s search feature to easily find the things you need.

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