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The 10 Most Important Things on Your Business Website Homepage

It is highly likely that a potential customer will search for your website in order to find out basic contact information. Whether you own a local store, restaurant, factory, agency or service business, the homepage of your website should clearly display certain information so that a person can find what they are looking for. This is especially important so that new and potential clients are able to find the information they need quickly. If they can’t find you online or don’t know your address, phone number or have a way to contact you, it is likely you may miss out on a sale or new business to a competitor that turns up in the search results.

Here are the 10 Most Important Things on Your Business Website Homepage:

1. Phone Number – The best contact method for any business.
2. Address – Include a link to google maps so a person can easily search for driving directions to your location.
3. Hours of Operation
4. Contact email or link to a feedback form if someone wishes to contact you via email.
5. Name of the Business
6. Tagline or short description of products or services to convey what your business is about.
7. Logo or branding
8. Personalized Photo – This can be a photo of your business or a picture of yourself.
9. Social Media links so that users can connect with you and follow or like your pages.
10. Testimonials, customer feedback or recent press coverage blurbs.

free website checklist

Free printable business website checklist:

Download this checklist so you can remember these ten important items to include when designing your website. If you already have a business website, look at your homepage right now and see how many of this items are on your page and how you score!


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