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Best Ergonomic Keyboard

best ergonomic keyboard

Anyone who uses the computer more than 8 hours per day for home or business should invest in an ergonomic keyboard. The long term benefit of saving yourself wrist paint, plus reducing the chance of developing carpel tunnel syndrome will be worth the investment. In fact, most of the ergonomic keyboards today are the same price or only a small amount more than purchasing a standard keyboard.

I personally have been using the Microsoft 4000 wired computer keyboard for over 5 years and it has been a life saver compared to the pain I used to endure from extensive computer usage. I’ll share my feedback and reviews from when I first got one of these.

microsoft natural ergonomic keyboard 4000

My Experience Using the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000:

I’m not going to sugar coat the truth, when you first start using this keyboard you think that you will NEVER get used to it and it is VERY hard to type on. Anyone who used to sit down at my desk to jump onto my computer for a minute would complain endlessly about trying to type with it. This however is a short learning curve. I’d say within a week of typing I was totally comfortable and my fingers had readjusted to the different position of the keys. My biggest struggle was definitely the keys right down the break in the center of the unit. This includes the letters: TGB on the left side and YHN on the right side. I remember struggling a lot with the letter B since I’ve never learned to type formally I believe I used to type this letter often with my right-hand, but with it being allocated to the left side of the divide I had to get used to clicking it with the opposite hand.

This keyboard does not lay flat on your desktop like a standard one. The center is elevated in a curved shape so that as your wrists rest on the base your hands are in a more natural angled position for typing.

FUN FACT: How many people hit spacebar at any given second on the planet earth? It’s estimated that every second 600,000 people will be pressing the space key at the same time.


The keyboard attaches with a standard USB plug. I prefer corded peripherals rather than wireless devices that eat batteries. I also find that wireless devices have poor response rates and especially for something like a keyboard when you are typing fast, you don’t want it to miss letters here or there or lag behind you.

I highly recommend this keyboard however as of 2016 this model is no longer available. You may select any of these options however (affiliate links)

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