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How to make money writing online

online writing

You can really write about almost anything and use it to make money online, but it’s best if you write about things that you are actually interested in because then the articles feel more authentic. However, you can research a topic and write about it for small writing jobs.

If you want to shoot for affiliate earnings, then you need to try to tie the article in with some kind of product that you can sell and then make affiliate commission. People looking to hire content writers is a vast business online. Internet marketers post blogs where they use other people to write the articles for them. You can offer your services for hire on project topics people request, or write stuff and then sell the articles as is, or you can write articles and post them as websites yourself and try to monetize them that way, instead of just getting a flat fee for the article, the website could earn over and over again for years or nothing at all.

There are 100’s of sites with work for hire like upwork, fiverr, textbroker, the content authority where people buy and sell their writing services. You can even hire people to ghostwrite entire books and novels. If you have written a novel or want to write one, you can publish them yourself for free on Amazon Kindle or on your website and sell it as a downloadable eBook.

You can also write on revenue sharing sites like hubpages to get started. Sell your pre-written articles as PLR databases or PLR packs.

It’s basically a numbers game, so the more content you have online the more you are going to make.

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