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Running an eBay Consignment Store

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Thinking about Starting an eBay Consignment Store or Resale Shop then you will enjoy watching a behind the scenes look at running a successful online consignment business. Check out episodes of the VH1 reality series House of Consignment for day to day operations of an eBay Consignment Store. House of Consignment is about a real life Chicago based eBay consignment shop called eDrop-Off which resells nothing but designer clothing, shoes, jewelry and handbags. The owner, Corri McFadden, started the business right out of fashion design school and has grown it to a multi-million dollar per year of sales and she has 30+ employees. They offer a “closet clean out” service where they travel to a customers home and take away goods to sell and help them purge old items from their closets. The website says this company charges 40% commission.

Watching the show on TV was really interesting. I don’t know much about designer items, but I couldn’t believe how low some of the stuff was selling for compared to what the person originally paid. Some items were shown as costing thousands of dollars retail and they only resold on eBay for $400-$600! I didn’t realize those designer clothes were THAT expensive. Also, for fashion items, it’s best to sell items during the season when they would be worn in. So coats should be sold during winter and swim suits during summer. If you are a fashion hoarder and need to purge some items or trade in old styles for new trends, this could be a business or service for you.

VH1 page: www.vh1.com/shows/house_of_consignment
E-drop off Website: www.shopedropoff.com/
eBay Store: http://stores.ebay.com/eDrop-Off

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