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Business Success Tips 11-20

business success tips

Ten more tips that will lead to business success:

11. Use free marketing and word of mouth recommendations whenever possible.
Don’t sink huge amounts of money into marketing campaigns, see what others are doing online and find out what works for your industry.

12. Be creative, think outside the box.

13. Have a budget in place and know where your money is going.
Managing your expenses can be one of the biggest struggles for any small business.

14. Create a business plan and adjust it when you see things that don’t work the way you had planned.

15. If you are not a people person, hire a charismatic sales person to interact with your customers.
Not everyone has the right personality that allows them to easily get along with others. This can make it difficult to generate sales and develop relationships in your industry. If you lack this skill, then hire a good rep to do the work for you.

16. Sales jobs should be paid based on performance to keep the individual motivated.
Making commission can be a strong motivator, especially for sales positions.

17. Monitor your employees to make sure they are not slacking off.

18. Be generous to your staff and they will feel appreciated and work harder for it.

19. Hire qualified managers.
A manager is the person you are putting in charge to run your business. Sometimes you might be tempted to promote someone to this position before they are ready or hire friends or family who are not qualified. A manager needs to have skills to oversee employees, make hard decisions and resolve problems with clients or customers.

20. Focus on employee training.
A well-trained staff member is less likely to make costly mistakes.

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