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Home Business Ideas – Services

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This list of home business ideas includes service type jobs that you can provide for others. These can take place in your home, or offsite and can be managed from home without the need for a dedicated business space.

1. Cleaning Service – One of the easiest businesses to start. A very lucrative self employment services is the cleaning business. You or you and a partner or spouse can do cleaning around the neighborhood during the day while people are at work or over the weekend if they prefer to be at home while you are there. Talk to your neighbors and see if anyone is interested. You can get leads at church, or through friends and family referrals.

2. Garden or lawn care service – Similar to above, but instead of cleaning the outside of the house, you will be keeping the landscaping neat and trim. Can be expensive to keep lawn mowers and tools in good repair. Also good weekend business only.

3. Food Prep – Sell home-made meals that can be reheated and eaten. You could make large batches of food and divide into multiple portions and then do a delivery system. Also, you could deliver the food heated in time for dinner. Similar to catering but on a smaller scale.

4. Child Care – Daycare is an option particularly suited for stay at home mom’s. You can take care of your own children along with other people’s. Be sure to research local laws for capacity guidelines and if you require some type of liability insurance.

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