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Time Saving Tip – Put a Clock in the Bathroom

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The bathroom is often overlooked as a room that needs to have a prominently displayed clock. Many hours of your life are spent getting ready. You can often lose track of time in the bathroom when primping and preening oneself. A simple time saving tip is to put a clock in the bathroom!

If you are the type of person who is always late getting somewhere and you find that you take a long time getting ready, this simple step might help you to realize what time it is and hurry up a little when you are getting ready to go somewhere.

You can place a large clock on the wall where it is easy to see, or use a table top clock on the vanity or sink. Buy a waterproof clocks to put in the shower if this is the place where you think most of your time is eaten up because you are a person who likes to take long showers.

Being on time is not something that comes naturally to all people, but having a constant reminder of the time might help you to be more efficient. If you have ever gotten warnings or been fired from a job for tardiness, this is something you will definitely want try implementing as soon as possible.

If you don’t already have clocks in every room of your house, this is another measure to take. But since the bathroom is the main room that occupies your time before you go somewhere and is often overlooked as a clock spot, just this simple tip may help you to save time.

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