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Business Success Tips 81-90

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81. Focus on a niche when entering a competitive industry.
Concentrate and refine a system in one specific area where you can specialize and be the best at something.

82. Clearly define your business objectives.
Goals need to be defined and a plan outlined so you can achieve the results you are seeking.

83. Identify your target demographic.

84. Offer limited edition items, beta releases, or items available by invitation only in order to create a feeling of exclusivity and rarity.

85. Develop a set of rules and procedures for employees to follow when executing their job duties.
This will create a checks and balances system to ensure things are being done properly. It will help to ensure product consistency and customer satisfaction.

86. Ask customers to leave positive product feedback, reviews and testimonials when they purchase your product.

87. Build hype around a new product launch.

88. Identify a problem your client faces and offer the solution to their problem with your product or service.

89. Select a name for your business that is memorable, catchy, easy to pronounce and to spell.
Other things to consider is that your name is unique and not too similar to that of an existing competitors. If the name can also convey what type of business you’re running, it’s probably a winner.

90. Sales campaigns should be targeted to a specific group.
Generic campaigns that are too general and try to appeal to everyone are no longer very effective. However, a personalized campaign that is tailored to a specific group or market is much more likely to produce results.


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