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eBook Cover Design Tips

eBook Cover Design Tips

Here are some tips when designing your eBook cover:

Many people using eBook readers like the Kindle still have the black and white versions. They also browse and purchase the books right from their device, so always check how your cover looks in black and white. When an image is converted to black and white sometimes items may blend into each other or it will make the cover text hard to read. In color you may have had a title that really stood out, in black and white it’s possible you cannot even read your title.


You should go with a bold image with one strong subject. Small, cluttered images are hard to see and are less dramatic. Make your Title larger then your author name. Only when an author reaches notoriety do they make the author name larger.

Readers DO judge a book by it’s cover and the #1 thing you can do as a book seller on Amazon kindle is have a striking stand out cover. You also have to think about what the cover is going to look like at a small size thumbnail preview when someone is browsing a category or keyword on Amazon. You want you book to be the one that jumps out at people and grabs their attention.

K.B. Helm - 100simplebooks.com