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Free Printable Mileage Log

free printable mileage log

The current Federal IRS standard rate for miles driven in 2017 is 53.5 cents per mile. If you are self employed this is an easy deduction to take for all the travel you do related to your business. I was told by an accountant that the IRS only accepts hand written mileage log sheets, so I keep this printout in the car on a clipboard with a pen handy to jot down where I am going and the beginning and ending odometer miles on my car. You can then subtract starting  and ending miles after your trip to get the total miles for each row and calculate the total per page if you use more than one business mileage tracker sheet throughout the course of the year.

The free printable mileage log comes in three colors: Mint, turquoise and blush pink. Download and print the free PDF today and start recording all your business trips on one convenient sheet.

Business Mileage Tracker

Mileage Log PDF – Mint

Mileage Log PDF – Pink

Mileage Log PDF – Turquoise

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