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How to Save Money on Printing


Money saving tip: Print in black in white instead of color.

The average cost of a black and white print is usually around one cent versus the cost of a color copy, which can vary in price from fifteen cents to twenty-five cents per sheet depending on your device. Most of the time a black and white print out is sufficient for business documents. There are times when, of course, a color copy would be preferred, but this simple change for something like invoices, faxes, screen shots from the Internet or email attachments can add up to large savings over time.

Printers often have different quality settings, which use less ink and save on cost per page. For unimportant print outs, always use the “fast” or lowest quality setting for greater economy and even more savings on toner cartridges.

To determine your printers cost per page simply divide the price of a replacement laser toner or inkjet cartridge by the manufacturers estimated number of pages per unit. This is your cost per page when printing. If you need to buy several different colors for your device, total the cost of all of the ink together to use in your calculation.

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