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Office Supply Tip and Free Printable Checklist Template

basic office supplies checklist

Shop around and compare prices when purchasing supplies.

When shopping for supplies that you purchase frequently, check the price from several retailers and purchase it at the lowest cost. Just like shopping at the grocery store, office supply stores offer unbranded products that can be purchased at a fraction of the cost. You can save on every day items by purchasing store brands, generics or in large quantities. Do not buy from a certain store just because it’s the place you always use. Companies typically inflate the price of their rates each year, so staying with the same provider for many years may mean you are paying a lot more than you used to pay. Switching to new providers may qualify you for introductory offers or special rates for the first six months or more. It may seem like a hassle to switch, but it generally only takes a phone call and the savings can be substantial.

I’ve created a basic office supplies checklist that you can print out and keep in the office – a good spot is near the supply cabinet or in a public area where most people in the office go frequently. That way when someone uses the last pack of post-it notes or staples, they can easily check the box to reorder those items soon. Keeping a list like this will lessen the amount of times you run out of something and trips to the office supply store. Also, if you order items online and pay for shipping, the less orders you place, the less shipping costs.

Download the Office Supply Checklist Template:

office supply checklist

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