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Business Success Tips 41-50

tips for business success

41. People are attracted to a positive attitude.
Focus on what is going well in any given situation.

42. Don’t cut corners, but do cut operating costs wherever possible.

43. Analyze the competition’s strengths and weaknesses.
Determine a way to do things better.

44. Develop your own unique selling proposition.
What sets you apart from everyone else in your industry?

45. Listen to business related podcasts.

46. Read business books to help expand your knowledge.

47. Make connections online with other key players in your industry.

48. Look for secondary ways to make money above and beyond your main product or service.
Consider options such as warranties, service plans, and fees added into shipping costs or selling waste materials to other businesses.

49. Be an independent thinker.
Be a lone wolf, don’t follow the pack.

50. Make To-Do lists
Many Millionaires report that they create daily to-do lists when asked what contributes to their success.


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