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Free Daily Expense Tracker Excel Spreadsheet and Printable PDF

free daily expense tracker

Did you ever wonder how much you were actually spending during a typical month? If you have struggled to create an accurate budget for your household, it might be due to the fact that your estimates of expenses can differ from reality. That’s why it is a smart financial exercise to track daily spending to see what you are really spending money on. I’ve created a Free Daily Expense Tracker spreadsheet for Excel or print out one of the printable PDF files from this site. You can keep track of everything, from your mortgage payment to that $5.57 VentiĀ  Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte that you drank on your way to work in the morning.

You may think it will be hard to record every penny you spend for an entire month, but myself and two friends did this and we all really enjoyed it! Not only will it help you to create an accurate budget, but you can see how the little things you buy add up. Try to get friends or the other members of your household to participate and make a game out of it! It will help to keep you motivated.

Even if you hate budgeting and this idea seems overwhelming, it is easy once you get started! Working out your weekly or monthly budget is the not the most exciting task for everyone, but it is something that everyone should do! I wish schools would focus more on personal finance in math class, since most of us are going to need that skill and budgeting is something that needs to be done. Many people end up spending more than they earn in a month and this is how you end up in a financial mess. If you plan to track your expenses regularly, consider purchasing an Expense Tracker Log Book to keep with you at all times. Following a carefully made plan is a surefire way to never be overdrawn at the bank.

Three easy steps for better spending:

1.) Track how you are spending your money by writing down the date, category, description and amount of your daily expenses.

2.) Set long-term goals to pay off items like vehicles, credit card debt, student loans and eventually your mortgage.

3.) Review your spending tracker spreadsheet after it is completed for item categories that are “unnecessary” in order to reduce your expenses.

Free Daily Expense Tracker Downloads:

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Excel Spreadsheet | Printable PDF

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Excel Spreadsheet | Printable PDF

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Excel Spreadsheet | Printable PDF


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